Consent To Proceed

Consent to Proceed & Receive Information Electronically
Terms & Conditions
  • The terms and conditions stated below apply strictly to the EBP service. They do not replace or override the terms and conditions you have with your creditors and/or service providers. They remain in place and you must comply with them.
It is your responsibility to:
  • Provide EBP with the true, accurate and complete details for each bill to be paid through this service. You agree to provide the correct name for each creditor; accurate account details for each bill; the payment cycle for each bill (weekly, fortnightly, monthly quarterly, annually); the accurate amount for each bill.
  • Ensure the information remains current and accurate at all times.
  • Inform EBP if there are any changes to your creditors and/or service providers, or account numbers or amounts payable.
  • Set up a direct debit arrangement with the EBP for the total amount for the bills to be paid.
  • Ensure that sufficient cleared funds are available in the nominated account(s) at all relevant times to enable the direct debit on each due debit date to enable payment for each nominated bill and to cover the service cost.
  • Pay any late fees or dishonor fees charged by your creditors and/or service providers if there are insufficient funds in your account to pay your nominated bills on their due dates or if your direct.
It is EBP’s responsibility to:
  • Ensure that each nominated bill is paid by the due date and for the amount payable as specified by you if there are sufficient funds to do so.
  • Debit your nominated accounted on the days specified by you and for the amount specified by you.
  • Provide our best endeavours to enable access to your EBP account 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Inform you when there are insufficient funds in your account to pay all your nominated bills.
  • Commence paying your bills at the point when the amount required to pay them has been deposited in your account.
  • As consideration for providing the service EBP will charge a fee of $24.95 per month GST inclusive. There is a surcharge of 0.8% on direct debits or payments made using your debit card or credit card, after $1000 collected per calendar month.
  • You can terminate the service at any time. Your account will be closed within 48 hours and should there be any funds in your account they will be refunded to you.
  • EBP can terminate the service if there are insufficient funds in your EBP account to pay your bills.
  • On termination of the service you will be entirely responsible for paying those bills which had been paid through EBP.
  • Privacy and Security: We will do all we can to protect your privacy and security. Should you wish to proceed we will send you a Privacy Consent form or you can read it on our website.
  • Any disputes you have with your billers concerning your accounts must be raised with them.
Termination date:
  • EBP shall cease to provide the service 48 hours after you provide notification that you no longer require it.