Easy Bill Pay is owned by FSA Group Ltd, a large provider of debt solutions and direct lending services to individuals in Australia. With this background, the team behind Easy Bill Pay has seen firsthand how a little helping hand can go a long way to getting on top of finances and how this contributes so positively to a person’s life.
Easy Bill Pay was originally conceived as a very simple and accessible way to empower people to be the master of their finances. It was to be that little bit of automation to help people:

  • Stay on top of bills
  • Minimise late payments
  • Track their spending
  • Set savings goals
  • Reduce stress
  • Feel a sense of control
  • Claim back more time to enjoy life

Very early into the development process, it became very clear that people from ALL walks of life could benefit from such assistance. Young, old, employees, busy professionals, business owners, parents, students – Easy Bill Pay has been designed for YOU.

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