Save time

  • The system can read photos of your bill
  • Use your dedicated Easy Bill Pay email address to email your bills
  • Set and forget bills: Enter recurring bills ONCE. You set the frequency and the system will auto-schedule for you
  • Smart filters: no more searching through stacks of papers and mountains of PDFs in your email

Save money

  • Set up a savings plan: Put a fixed amount away with each cycle, or set up a goal to meet within a certain period
  • Take advantage of early payment discounts
  • No more late payment fees!

Get organised

  • The system calculates how much you need to set aside for bills and savings
  • As long as you have enough funds, payments for approved bills will be auto-scheduled
  • Bottomless archive: All bills that have been set up in the system are available for viewing from your mobile device any time!

Stay secure

  • User identification process
  • Verification of email address and mobile phone changes
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Auto-timeout
  • Verification for all funding sources
  • Notifications of critical app activities
  • New bills received and read into the system must first be confirmed before they can be scheduled for payment
  • Mobile app security features such as Touch ID and Face ID

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